How to get Open VPN For Android APK in 2019

It is the digital age. Almost all of our lives have been transformed to become online. From social media, basic communication, and even business, we all do it online. However, this calls for some other needs that we never asked for. One of those things you need very much nowadays is a VPN.

The number of people who are concerned about their online activity and data privacy is increasing every day. Recent research indicated that 74% of internet users limited their online usage last year as people get more aware of the dangers arising.
OpenVPN for Android
That’s where you need a VPN. But most VPN’s are not for free. That’s why we are giving you an easy way to get Open VPN For Android APK. This is completely Open VPN and you will not be charged anything any time. Take your online privacy to another level without incurring any charges using this Open VPN which is suitable for any Android user looking for an open VPN for Android APK.
Say goodbye to monthly subscriptions or paying dearly to get a VPN. Some are even not worth that money. They are very slow and don’t satisfy all the needs of the users. This is a completely open VPN that is one in all package that solves all your VPN needs.
The number of VPN users is increasing at a very steady rate over the years. Last year saw a 165% increase source: vpnMentor analysis. This shows you how important having a VPN is and why some companies will want to take advantage and charge you.
Don’t all into the trap, get an open VPN for android apk that gives you control of your online activity without having to hurt your budget. Do you want to unblock blocked site? Circumvent geolocation? Hide your IP address? Or just to protect your online identity. Whatever the reason you have this is the best open VPN for Android APK you can ever get.

How to Use OpenVPN for Android?

OpenVPN for Android has many features compared to the custom built-in VPN apps. It is open-source and not developed for Android systems. You need a client program to run it on Android devices. This client program is responsible to capture the traffic that you wish to send through the OpenVPN.

You can connect with OpenVPN with two methods. First one is to have your private VPN server while the other and most common one is two use third party confirmation files. You can easily download this confirmation file from NordVPN, Express VPN or from any other VPN provider’s website who support OpenVPN.

In this article, I shall guide step by step about how to use OpenVPN for Android? Let’s move on the procedure!

Step 1: First of all, download the configuration file for OpenVPN from your VPN provider’s website. As I mentioned above, this file can be downloaded from NordVPN and Express VPN official sites.

Step 2: Unzip this file by transferring it into your PC and then move the unzip file again into your Android device. Alternatively, you can use unzipping app like ZArchiver to unzip confirmation directly into your mobile.

Step 3: Open Google Play Store and download OpenVPN official app having the name “OpenVPN Connect”.

Step 4: After downloading it will create an icon on Home Screen. Click it to launch the application.

Step 5: Now click on + icon. A pop-up box will appear and will ask to select the confirmation file to continue. It may ask for additional permission to access device folders.

Step 6: Click on the import button and then choose (.ovpn file). After selecting, click on the tick icon.

VPN provider’s confirmation file contains all the necessary keys and information that OpenVPN requires so, it will not ask for further details. If OpenVPN is asking for further info then please see your VPN provider’s documentation file for instructions.

Once the procedure ends, you can see the server file under the profile tab. You can also import more than one server files.

Important Settings for OpenVPN for Android

Before using it, enable IPv4, IPv6 and kill switch. For this purpose, click on the editing icon in front of the server’s file. Here you will see IPv4 and IPv6 options. Make sure both are marked. Now go to Advanced tab and turn on both options (Always on VPN & block connection without VPN) to kill switch OpenVPN App for Android.

What are the Features of OpenVPN for Android?

OpenVPN is open-source and has a lot of benefits. Its advantages are listed below:

  • It is open source
  • Highly secure
  • Wide range of encryption algorithms to increase the protection
  • Use 256-bit encryption
  • Advance configuration to kill switch
  • DNS leak protection
  • Can be used on major operating systems using third-party applications.

OpenVPN Password Guide for Android

OpenVPN have a default username and password for VMware and Windows VHD virtual appliances. This password can be changed later and also recommended. It is by default username is root while the pass is openvpnas. Note that username and password are case sensitive.

OpenVPN Errors and Reasons Behind Them

It’s natural. The application may stop working any time and there might be several possibilities for a certain problem. Below are all the major and minor errors that have been reported by users.

Error: The Date Tag or Value is Invalid

According to OpenVPN officially published guide, this error shows due to faulty certificate.

Error: Certificate Verification Failed

This is an error which shows when your certificate is not compatible with OpenVPN.

For example, if your certificate’s security level is low (MD5 signed certificate) then this error will show. To solve this issue use SHA256 or better certificate.

Error: Digest_Error

If you have “auth none” and also tls-auth in your client profile then you will see this error. To fix this error remove tls-auth directive.

SSL Error

Usually, this error occurs if you are using an older version. Possibly it will automatically fix after updating the app.